Bringing Nations Together

At STAR ITC, we believe our operational effectiveness in today's coalition battlespace is determined by our ability to communicate safely, effectively, and efficiently with our allies; to be interoperable.   The myriad of industry solutions to meet national communication and tactical datalink solutions lead to difficulties in effective interoperability with allies.  While industry solutions are designed to meet international standards, there will always remain differences due to language barriers, interpretation, areas of implementation, error, and incomplete testing and validation.  These differences are not simply irritating but lead to tangible operational inefficiencies.  These inefficiencies cause ineffective operations, loss of equipment, and loss of life.
Our goal is to bring nations together to be technically and procedurally interoperable for smooth, safe, and effective operations.  We will help nations leverage their current equipment investments through a process of:
Joint Standardized Datalink and Interoperability Training
TCP/IP Based Interoperability Testing
Live Operational Air-Sea-Ground Testing
Equipment Testing and Validation
Software Support to National Systems
Identifying Areas of Operational Impact and Develop Workaround for Current and Near Future Operations
Designing Coalition Specific Operational Procedures